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Naumcheff's background as a former Police Detective is a benefit to his Client's

In todays video and social media driven society, the public perception of organizational integrity is an important aspect.  Based on that perception, an outside and objective investigation is a major component of an organization's dedication to integrity.  Using Naumcheff's background as a police investigator coupled with his legal background, the Michigan Police Legal Advisor Group provides public integrity investigations in the following categories:

General Internal and Background Investigations  

Civil Litigation Investigations

Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Investigations

Public Safety Liability Audits and Personalized Training Programs

Attorney Client Privileged Investigations
Most importantly, since Mr. Naumcheff is conducting the investigation as your legal counsel, his report, information and recommendations are protected by the attorney/client privilege.   The Michigan Police Legal Advisor Group conducts its investigation on a flat fee basis so you, the client, know the cost before making the decision to have an outside and objective investigation commenced.