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Naumcheff Law and the Michigan Police Legal Advisor Group practice a state-wide with offices in Detroit, Lansing and Grand Rapids.  We practice in the areas of Family Law, Litigation Defense and Employment Law.  Naumcheff Law works and partners with other law firms to provide the client with a comprehensive legal protection plan.  No matter what the legal issue, Naumcheff Law and its affiliating law firms have the bases covered.

Family Law and Custody 

Naumcheff Law and the Michigan Police Legal Advisor Group provides it's family law clients with aggressive discovery and compassionate counsel while at the same time protecting your property, money and pensions.  We concentrate our family law practice on the following:

Child Custody
Child Support
Parenting Time and Visitation
Grand Parent Visitation
Military Divorce
Family Law Litigation
Parental Right Termination
Personal Protection Orders
 Basic Wills and Estate Planning

Litigation Defense

     Members of the law enforcement community come to Mr. Naumcheff to represent their friends and family.  People of all backgrounds, professions and walks of life make mistakes, use poor judgment, have their actions misinterpreted or are the victims of untruthful people.  They trust his experience and first hand knowledge of the judicial system.   This knowledge and experience covers, federal, state and administrative trials and hearings on topics ranging from felony criminal charges, to the defense of negligence and personal injury lawsuits to administrative and educational mediations and hearings.   

As a former Police Detective, Mr. Naumcheff provides his clients with a unique understanding and perspective of the judicial justice process from the investigation phase to the trial and beyond.  Due to his background, Mr. Naumcheff is a sought after defense litigator who has represented clients in the upper and lower peninsulas of Michigan. 

     As expressed above, Mr. Naumcheff is the choice of public safety professionals when they, a family member or friend is accused of wrongdoing whether facing a criminal charge, administrative action or civil lawsuit. 
A high percentage of his criminal defense clients are referred by public safety professionals.  Please note that Mr. Naumcheff carefully selects his defense cases based on a pre-representation interview.  In addition, a recommendation from a public safety professional may be required.

Labor and Employment Law

     The Michigan Police Legal Advisor Group has represented both the labor and management sides of the employment equation.  In addition, Mr. Naumcheff has served as a university professor teaching labor, employment and human resource law to business professionals and administrators throughout the state. 

     His experience is real and has touched both the academic and professional perspectives.  Naumcheff has taught for Northwestern University, Central Michigan University, Eastern Michigan University and a variety of community colleges.  Mr. Naumcheff has served as both a Union President and Administrative Legal Advisor. 

     It is this real life experience that provides his Labor and Employment Law clients with fresh ideas based on knowledge and experience for both the public and private sector.  Mr. Naumcheff concentrates in the following areas of employment litigation:

                      Administrative Licensing and Sanction Defense

                      Employment Discrimination

                      Sexual Harassment

                      Civil Rights

                      Employee Rights

                      Family Medical Leave Act

                      Unemployment Actions

                      Unfair Labor Practice

                      Contract Negotiation

                      Wrongful Termination