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Brett M. Naumcheff, M.S., J.D.
Attorney at Law


     Brett M. Naumcheff has 27 years of public safety experience and been representing public safety professionals and organizations since 2000.  He is originally from Metro-Detroit and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology from Central Michigan University.  Upon graduation, he was hired as a municipal Public Safety Officer.   In Michigan, a Public Safety Officer is a person who is trained in both the police and fire profession.

     Naumcheff started his basic Public Safety training in Lansing, Michigan.  He subsequently attended and graduated from the Police Academy and Fire School thus becoming both a certified Police Officer and Advanced Level Firefighter.
   In addition, he is a licensed Medical First Responder.  In an effort to keep current with the issues surrounding his client base, he still maintains those certifications.

     Mr. Naumcheff completed his Master of Science degree while serving in the Patrol Division.  While a patrol officer, he made a record number of arrests for drug and weapon seizures that is still unmatched within in the organization.  Once he became a Detective, Naumcheff started his law studies at Thomas M. Cooley Law School in Lansing, Michigan. 

     During his time as a Detective, he investigated hundreds of crimes ranging from theft to homicide.  He graduated from the Michigan State Police Detective School and Michigan State University's Homicide School, in addition to the Advanced Reid School of Interview and Interrogation.  Mr. Naumcheff has advanced training in Detection of Deception, Theft Investigations, Scientific Content Analysis, Child Forensic Interviewing, Sexual Assault Investigation, Homicide Investigations, Property Crimes, Fraud and White Collar Crime.  Naumcheff's attention to detail led to him having a 100% conviction rate at trial.

     While both a Patrol Officer and Detective, Naumcheff earned a variety of awards including the rare Police Medal of Honor.  Naumcheff has been lucky enough to have survived a number of weapon related incidents.  Unfortunately, in 1994, his partner and friend, Officer Bruce J. Van Popering was killed in the line of duty.  It was the many late night conversations with and prodding from Van Popering that led Naumcheff to even contemplate law school.  One of the most important lessons Van Popering taught was to have pride in the public safety profession.  That pride in performance continues today in the law practice.

     While working full-time as a Police Detective he completed his law degree in three years, was a member of the Dean's List and subsequently admitted to the State Bar of Michigan.   He earned Certificate of Merit in both Advanced Criminal Procedure and Police Civil Liability.  Mr.  Naumcheff started his legal career as an extern at Law, Weathers and Richardson in Grand Rapids, under former Police Chief, Terry Tobias.  It is at this firm that he obtained specialized training and experience in police legal advising.  Naumcheff is a member of the Labor and Employment, Family Law and Criminal Defense sections of the State Bar of Michigan in addition to the Michigan Trial Lawyers Association.   

     Mr. Naumcheff is dedicated to serving the public safety profession and serves a General and Appointed Counsel for various unions across Michigan.  In addition, Naumcheff serves as Independent Counsel for a number of public safety administrators.  He is also an attorney representing the Professional Law Enforcement Association and the International Brotherhood of Teamasters Law Enfrocment.  His client base is generally limited to public safety professionals, their family members and individuals referred by police, fire, EMS, public employees, educational personnel, other lawyers and veterans.  He feels that due to the integrity required by members of those professions, if they refer someone, that person deserves consideration as a potential client.  

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