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Background of Firm
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     Michigan Police Legal Advisor Group started in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Due to its growing client base of public safety professionals, an office in Lansing was opened in 2004.  To better accommodate Detroit area client's, in June of 2006, we opened a Metro-Detroit office in Novi.  As detailed below, Mr. Naumcheff has represented clients from across the United States.  Also, MPLAG has established a network of current and police, fire and military professionals that it works and consults with on a daily basis such as:
David Greydanus, J.D.
Terry E. Tobias, J.D.
Wm. Burt Burleson, J.D.
Vince J. Collura, J. D.   
J. Allen Fiorletta, J.D.
Timothy B. Gibbons, J.D.
   Since its inception, keeping up with current technology has always been an important aspect of MPLAG.  Our professional legal research, document preparation and communication methods are state of the art and continually being updated.  This provides the client with the expected high level of quality service.

     Our unique client base is a great source of pride.  Due to the number of satisfied clients and its growing reputation for quality and personalized attention to client needs, MPLAG has represented clients in both the upper peninsula and lower peninsula of Michigan.  In addition, Mr. Naumcheff is also the legal choice of people who live outside the State of Michigan.

     MPLAG has established a national reputation.  Mr. Naumcheff has represented clients from Illinois, Ohio, New York, New Jersey, Indiana, Texas, Florida, South Carolina, Arkansas, Missouri, Alabama, Kansas, Tennessee, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Washington, Kentucky, Oregon and Nevada.  This representation includes members of local, state and federal public safety agencies.  In short, MPLAG is the choice of public safety professionals, their family and friends  because they have established a reputation of protecting the protectors with quality representation.